The history of Pärnävaara

The municipality of Liperi and the City of Joensuu founded the Pärnävaara Sports Centre Foundation in 1990. The goal of the foundation was to promote opportunities and facilities for competitive and amateur sports in North Karelia and to maintain the Pärnävaara Sports Centre. The foundation was dissolved in 2012. With regard to the maintenance of the Pärnävaara Sports Centre, the City of Joensuu took over the overall responsibility for the development of the area, with the municipality of Liperi paying a share of the operating and investment costs.

At the end of 2021, the ownership of the Pärnävaara Sports Centre, including its land areas, was transferred from the City of Joensuu to the municipality of Liperi.

In the summer of 2022, the area’s café and office building, maintenance building, info kiosk, and announcer premises were transferred to the ownership of the company MyyInvest Oy. The ski waxing and maintenance building was taken over by Hiihtokulma Oy. The municipality of Liperi will continue to be responsible for maintaining and servicing the area’s sports network.

Stories of Pärnävaara

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